Summer Makeup Tips: Get the Perfect Look

The summer months are full of fun outdoor activities, so it’s important to have your makeup ready. It may be hot outside but you’ll still want to look good.

With the summer approaching, comes the juiciest grilled steak (or veggie burger) you could imagine, barefoot walks along the beach, and the freshest iced lemonade and fruitiest margaritas a girl could ask for.

But summer also brings with it chapped lips, humidity, and sticky hot sweat that seems to melt your face – literally – into a cakey-makeup mess. Who needs that?

And if you’re not too careful, those beautifully sculpted cheeks and artfully prepared eyeshadows are going to make a run for it. And it’ll only go downhill from there.

So let’s look at tips for summer makeup that will help you stay cool and beautiful all season long.

This Summer, Less Is More: But Don’t Count Out the Cosmetics!

Summer makeup should enhance your natural beauty, accentuating everything that’s awesome about you (yes, you are awesome). And it can with the right techniques.

So, while you may take your summer makeup palette in a more natural direction, don’t discount the cosmetics entirely. Just keep it simple and go easy on the products. That means less blush, foundation, concealer, etc., but still, play up those pretty peepers with some liner and mascara.

It’s no secret – makeup has a hard time sitting still with so much heat and sweat working against it.

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While you definitely should use what’s working for you (hey, you got to feel comfortable right?), don’t forget – summer can get pretty really hot, and humid. With the blistering hot sun constantly blazing at your back and the whipping dry winds that never seem to let up, you don’t want to deal with muddy makeup ruining your summer fun.

But you don’t have to embrace a no-makeup look (though girl, you look fine without). So below we’ll go into some summer makeup tips designed for olive skin tones and how to beat the heat.

Summer Makeup Tips for Olive Skin Tones

Olive skin tones have a warm undertone, so colors that have a yellow or red base will look great on you. Earth tones and shades of green also compliment olive skin, so this is definitely the season to rock those deep, rich lipsticks in shades of terracotta and wine.

When it comes to your eyes, bronze and gold shades will look great against your skin, so go ahead and add a pop of color with some brightly-hued eye shadow. And don’t forget the blush – peach and coral shades are perfect for summer.

But since olive skin tones tend to be on the oilier side, it’s best to avoid using too much powder. Try using a light dusting of translucent powder and setting your makeup with a misting of rosewater or lavender water to help keep you cool.

You Can Still Rock Makeup This Summer with These Smoldering Summer Makeup Tips

Move over cold wet snow. Hello, bright summer sunshine!

It’s time to shake off the last of the winter cold. But as your beautiful complexion soaks in the warm summer sun, that old winter foundation is going to look pale against your fresh golden tan.

And what about all of those pretty summer colors – the beautiful shimmersgolden bronzes, and bright pops of turquoise to add fun splashes of color to your warm summer nights? How do you make sure that gorgeous look actually lasts through the humidity and heat?

Summer Makeup Tips for Olive Skin Tones

Let’s make your makeup beach-fabulous this summer.

Now is a great time to switch up your makeup routine. We took the latest summer trends and designed fun comprehensive guides and step-by-step makeup tutorials that’ll help you look stunning all summer long with makeup that stays in place.

Without further ado, let’s build that summer makeup looks to perfection!

Lighten Up: Get Smokin’ Smooth This Summer

Keeping makeup light and simple this summer can lead to strikingly beautiful results.

Try these summer makeup tips:

  1. Swap your heavy foundation for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. As the temperatures climb, all that hot sun can turn heavy makeup formulas into a clumping mess of sweat. And did you know that caking foundation may also be causing your sticky red pimple problems? Let your pores breathe this summer instead.
  2. For long lasting makeup, get a hydrating face mist or refreshing setting spray. Depending on what you use, a few spritzes can really help your makeup last all day long – even through the heat and humidity. Because the last thing you want is a foundation landslide, right ladies?

Makeup, not only artfully applied but applied with the changing seasons in mind will look stunning and stay stunning throughout the day.

In our summer makeup series, we’ll help you bring sophistication this summer with classy makeup looks that stay in place – on your face.

Illuminate Your Summer: A Sun-Kissed Glow to Covet

Whether you’re rocking shades on a fluffy beach towel, book propped on your lap or walking barefoot along the ocean shore at low tide, don’t let the blistering heat get you down.

That beautiful bronze glow is totally achievable. And you don’t have to burn your skin either to create it.

You can get that coveted glowing complexion and look fabulous all day without the muddy mess. Here are some neat summer makeup tips to get you started:

  1. Forget the contour – let your beautiful face shine through this summer! To achieve that gorgeous sun-kissed glow, try warming your complexion with peachy-brown toned bronzers for added depth and definition.
  2. Give your cheeks a kiss of warmth with summer blush favorites – that can hold up to warm weather! Nothing adds color and life to a complexion like healthy flushed cheeks. And blush goes hand in hand with bronzer (hello, gorgeous!).

We’ll show you summer makeup tutorials throughout this summer makeup series that’ll have you turning into a bronzed goddess in no time.

The secret?

A refreshing combination of blush and bronzer to warm up your complexion – and the perfect combo shouldn’t turn your summer look muddy or greasy either. Light and easy on the pores, that’s key (because who needs acne, right?).

Oh, Those Steamy Eyes of Summer: Dare to Look?

Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder. But I truly believe you can create stunning eyeshadow looks this summer – without oily skin creasing color all over your eyelids.

Summer Makeup Tips for Olive Skin Tones

It just takes some careful planning (selecting all the best summer colors and textures) and attention to detail (targeting the right areas to add pigment).

And what better way to warm your complexion for beachy weather than with an eyeshadow palette packed full of fresh summery colors?

  1. Get wild with summer color! Warm up your eyes with sweeps of shimmering gold, burnt orange, sea green, and earthy brown. Or make a splash this summer with peachy corals and sultry pinks.
  2. Don’t forget that eye primer! Primers or a cream eyeshadow base help stop those colorful shadow pigments from sliding all over your eyelid, settling into your crease, and smudging with the heat. The result? Beautiful summer makeup that can last through the worst humidity.

We’ll help you apply those summer colors to sandy-beach perfection with step-by-step eyeshadow tutorials and summer makeup tips that’ll have you turning heads these next few weeks – and over the course of summer.

So whether you’re rocking that barely-there look or going full-out color, we’ll help inspire your creativity with several stunning eyeshadow looks to try this summer.

Shake Off the Winter Blues: Dark Bold Lashes A’Flutter

The beach is awaiting you. But wait – aren’t you forgetting that waterproof mascara?

I don’t know about you, but on me, melty raccoon eyes never look pretty (cringes). And if you love bold fluttery lashes, you just can’t not wear mascara.

So what’s a beach-loving gal to do?

  1. Go waterproof – all the way! When the weather gets steamy, you don’t want smudging makeup to spoil your fun. Whether you’re taking that sultry cat eye to the beach or lengthening those voluminous lashes in time for summer cocktail fun, try waterproof mascara and bold dark liner. Waterproof formulas are a godsend in the sizzling summer heat, but don’t forget the makeup remover – or you’ll have a hard time taking it off!
  2. Reinvent the cat eye with bold pops of color, crispier defined lines, and edgier shadows. Smudge it out, frame your eyes, or stick to the classic cat eye with a nourishing waterproof eyeliner – the choice is yours!
  3. Play up your eyes with voluminous faux lashes. When your own lashes turn wispy and thin, sometimes you need to add a little extra zing to your dramatic nights. And faux lashes are pretty trendy right now – even if they aren’t waterproof.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll help keep your lashes at their fluttering best – with eyeliner that won’t budge and mascara that doesn’t smear under the sweltering heat.

Cheers to dark bold eyes and voluminous lashes all summer long!

Lips of Sheerest Beauty: A Glistening Pout to Stave Off Heat

You may think extreme summer heat does a number on your complexion. But wait until you see what summer heat can do to a dry, chapped pout.

Summer Makeup Tips for Olive Skin Tones

With the right lip color formulas, you can protect your lips from the stifling heat – and still look sultry in time for summer!

Check out these summer makeup tips for the latest lip trends.

  1. Toss that heavy matte lipstick for feather-light lips. Because lip gloss is back – and it’s trendy this summer! Plus, gloss is easy to apply – and you don’t need a mirror. To keep those lips looking plump, try peachy pink-toned glosses. Just reapply throughout the day!
  2. Keep those delicious colors on your lips with lip stains. Try lip colors in delectable berry shades or sultry pinks. And if you’re daring, grab a shade in smoldering purple or warm red! A bright pout pairs beautifully with an understated eye and softly bronzed cheeks. Plus, lip stains stay in place even as you sip that summer cocktail!
  3. Don’t forget to top lip stains with moisturizing balm. Get a lip balm with SPF for extra protection from the harsh summer elements.

Smile with confidence – because you look gorgeous!

In this summer makeup series, you can get the summer makeup look and a plump pout to match – without worrying about dry lips, transferring color, or feathering lipstick!

Say Hello to Your Freshest Summery Self

When your summer is muddied with rising temperatures, stifling humidity, and grimy sweat – your complexion can get pretty darn slick and oily. It’s a wonder any makeup stays in place at all!

But with the summer makeup staples, we’re going to show you over the next few weeks, there’s no reason you can’t have flawless skin this summer!

With the right brush techniques, summer makeup tips, and these best makeup practices, you’ll stay stunning – even when the weather is working against you.