About Us

Oliveskinbeauty was started by 2 friends who wanted to share their knowledge with others in hopes of helping them in their beauty journey.

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On this website, find information about skincare, haircare, makeup tips, and more.

Some of the topics include hair care, makeup tips, caring for your lips and nails – all while providing fashionable advice on what to wear.

The team has now expanded to other contributors who also wish to share their knowledge about beauty.

Why We Started OliveSkinBeauty

We started Oliveskinbeauty because we are dedicated to helping people that are new to beauty or simply want to try out new makeup.

The site aims to help them with tips on how to get started and what products they should consider purchasing.

The blog also has articles on hair care, skincare, and caring for your lips and nails.

You’ll also find makeup tutorials that cover different looks.

From everyday eye makeup to more daring styles, we have it all. We understand the importance of having the right tools and makeup for each look.

We believe in making beauty accessible and not only affordable but with a touch of fun and personalization.

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About Christina

Christina is a fashionista and a beauty enthusiast. She has been interested in makeup and skincare for a number of years now and she loves finding new techniques to apply to her everyday look.

In addition to that, she spends her time finding new makeup techniques which she tries out on herself as well as other people in need of a little color boost.

This experience has given her an edge when it comes to experimenting with new products and giving feedback on their quality.

About Katy

Katy has always been passionate about makeup but she also enjoys shopping for clothes and doing her nails, especially when it comes to nail art.

She loves looking at different styles and seeing what amazing (and sometimes weird) looks people can create with makeup products. She enjoys keeping up with the latest trends in these areas.

These different passions have made her realize that she loves beauty and fashion. She wants to help people learn more about these topics so they can live healthy, stylish lives that are fun.

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The Rest of The Team

The team also includes other contributors who have joined us over the years and share their knowledge to better help out our readers.

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At the end of the day, our goal is to educate people about fashion, beauty, and other lifestyle choices that are enjoyable! We do this in a fun way while also providing high-quality content for readers.

Why We Think Our Readers Will Enjoy Our Content

We’re very passionate about beauty because we love taking care of ourselves and we want others to do the same.

When you take care of yourself, you feel more confident and happier with your self-esteem. We want to help people feel better about themselves by sharing our tips and tricks on how they can update their looks or embrace their natural beauty.

Whether you love makeup or not, we’ve got something for you. Our goal is to help people feel better about themselves and their bodies by sharing knowledge that is relevant to them.

We’re passionate about what we do and we know our readers will enjoy reading our content because beauty is a fascinating topic that deserves its own website.