What Looks Good With Olive Skin?

Olive skin is one of the most beautiful shades there is. It has a warm undertone with golden undertones that are subtle yet flattering.

One way to show off your gorgeous olive skin is to wear gold jewelry or makeup, but the most important part is what you wear. Olive skin looks amazing in colors like browns, black, gold, green, and red.

What Looks Good With Olive Skin

What to wear with olive skin?

Wearing gold colors with your olive skin is a classic and beautiful combination. Let’s look at more examples of colors that work with olive skin tones.

  • Gold

Gold eyeshadow is a great way to show off your gorgeous olive skin. Especially if you have brown eyes, olive skin and dark hair. Olive colored people look amazing with both matte and shimmery gold shadows and nail polishes and can often pull off colors that don’t seem to match with skin tones besides yellow/golden.

A versatile color that looks good with olive skin is metallic bronze eyeshadow. Just make sure to highlight the areas that need it to brighten them up.

Bronze shadow works well with olive skin tones and doesn’t risk looking muddy or dull like black might.

  • Pink

Olive skinlooked beautiful paired with soft peachy pink hues, as you can see on the gorgeous Alessandra Ambrosio.

Pale peach blushes also look good with olive skin and another benefit is that they can be found almost anywhere.

Peach lip glosses are pretty and can add a bit of subtle color to your pout. They’re also the perfect shade for spring/summer when you want something soft and flattering on your lips.

Peach is also one of the go-to colors that looks good with all skin tones, including olive colored people.

  • Violet

If you have brown eyes and olive skin, you can wear violet eyeshadow with your eyes and it will make them pop.

Violet is a color that you’re most likely to find at the drugstore, but also at higher-end stores as well.

This shade works particularly well with brown hair and green eyes.

Make sure to highlight the area under your brows and in the inner corners of your eyes if you want to open them up even more.

  • Berry

If you have brown hair and olive skin, berry colored lips look good with your natural lip color. If your hair is blond, however, go for a lighter shade because it could make your face seem washed out.

When it comes to eyeshadow, berry colors work well with brown and green eyes as you can see on the model Lulu Tenant.

Purple shadows also enhance your look by adding a pop of color that is not too harsh or will compete with the colors in your skin. Coral or pink shadows are a perfect way to add a subtle hint of berry shade to your eyes.

  • Brown

To enhance your naturally beautiful brown eyes, you can wear dark brown mascara and eyeliner with olive skin.

Brown is also the dominating color on the runway at the moment. It’s considered chic and elegant, especially when paired with black or navy blue eyeshadow.

A good way to wear brown is in the form of a nude lipstick or lip gloss It’s not too overpowering and pairs well with warmer shades like peach and bronze for spring/summer.

Navy blue eyeshadow works beautifully with olive skin and so does blue mascara. To keep this look from looking too harsh, go for either silver or brown eyeshadow instead of black.

Navy blue is an alternative to black that you can try in the evening when you want to soften your look. Silver is also great because it’s much lighter than darker shades and works well with olive skin tones.

  • Green

Many people often overlook what looks good with olive skin, but green does in fact look very nice with it.

Green eyeshadow is a lovely compliment to olive skin and looks especially good when paired with pink blush.

Olive skin also looks fabulous with green mascara.

One of the most popular items in stores right now is olive green and it’s a great way to transition from summer into fall.

Brown lipstick on olive skin can either work well or not at all depending on what you pair it with, such as blue eyeshadow and pink blush on the model Guinevere Van Seenus.

To keep this look from looking too harsh on your skin, go for a lighter pink tone.

  • Blue

Light blue eyeshadow looks nice with olive skin and should be combined with light brown or silver eyeshadow to make it pop even more.

Olive skin also looks gorgeous paired with bright blue mascara. However, this color can be too much on darker skintones so make sure it doesn’t wash you out.

Blue is one of the top shades that looks good with all skintones and it’s a great alternative to green.

Final Thoughts

Deciding on what looks good with olive skin can be quite challenging. The important thing is to keep experimenting until you find the perfect match that works for you.

It is important to remember that you also want to look at the contrast between your hair and eyes. For instance, if you have dark hair and olive skin, you can wear darker shades of makeup than someone with dark hair and light skin.

If you have any problems deciding on what colors work best for you then you should consider making an appointment with a professional.

Just keep in mind that if you wear the wrong colors for your skin tone it may make you look washed out or worse. When you wear colors that compliment your skin tone it gives off a healthy and glowing effect.