What Colors Go Well with Olive Green (8 Choices)

If you’re looking for the perfect color to wear with olive green, you’re in luck. While it might seem like a challenging color to mix and match, there are many shades that will complement this unique hue.

Olive green is a unique color that doesn’t typically match with many other colors. However, with the right combinations, olive green can look amazing.

Let’s explore some of the best options so you can look your best.

Below is a list of the colors that match well with olive green

  • Dark brown
  • Light brown/Beige
  • Navy blue
  • Black
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Gray
  • White

Let’s now take a look at some specific examples of matching colors. And how these colors work well together and to help accentuate your olive green pieces nicely.

Dark brown

This super-rich color exudes class and will add depth to your outfit. It’s a perfect match for green because the two colors mix naturally; this is especially true with dark brown, which can make the olive green look even more mysterious and dramatic.

What Colors Go Well with Olive Green (8 Choices)

Brown is also a great color to wear in most professional settings where olive green might feel like too much of a statement

Keep it classic with khaki pants and a white button-down shirt or try something new by pairing dark brown jeans with an olive green henley.

Light brown/Beige

While light brown isn’t as bold as its darker counterpart, it still offers you many styling options that work well when paired with your favorite shade of olive green. For example, just about any shade of brown, from chocolate to caramel, is a great choice.

Similar to dark brown, light brown pairs well with white for a clean and professional look; but you can also try it with more casual favorites like jeans or khakis.

Navy blue

This popular color is both stylish and versatile. Navy looks fantastic on its own or as part of a matched outfit – especially when paired with olive green – and it’s easy enough to wear day after day without becoming tired.

Pair your olive green shirt with navy pants, and top the whole thing off with a blazer (with the pants) or an open-necked button-down (without). If you opt not to use a blazer, keep some extra accessories on hand so you’re always prepared.


An eye-catching color, black is perfect when you want to look stylish without distracting from your outfit.

With olive green in the mix, it’s easy for this color to make a great impression whether you’re in jeans or khakis; dress pants or casual pants; and anything in between.

What Colors Go Well with Olive Green

You’ll be sure to impress in olive green paired with black worn with either a blazer or button-down shirt in white (for the cleanest and most professional look) and then dressed down by adding a leather jacket and cool shoes like boots or loafers.

Mixing different textures is one of the easiest ways to create an interesting look that stands out for all the right reasons.


If black isn’t your thing, try olive green with purple. Purple is the perfect color for complementary contrast because it’s just different enough to be interesting but similar enough that it doesn’t clash.

While you might not think of wearing purple with green, both colors are associated with royalty and luxury; which makes this choice a great way to mix classic style with rebellious tendencies.

Olive green also goes well with purple when mixed with brown. Both colors are classic which makes wearing them together feel right.

A great way of wearing these two colors together is by starting off with dark or light brown trousers and then adding an olive green blazer or shirt. Remember the two don’t need to match perfectly as long as they come from the same family – paired together with either black shoes and belt or brown ones if you want a little more flair.

All you then need is to add a pair of sunglasses and a matching watch for extra panache.


Warm red is another fantastic color for your olive green wardrobe. It’s a bold choice, but if you want to make a real statement with your outfit, look no further than this complementary color combination.

What Colors Go Well with Olive Green (8 Choices)

Mixing different styles and textures is an easy way to get noticed without going overboard on trends or leaving the classic style you love behind.


A more subtle choice than red or purple, gray is an excellent color that goes well with just about everything

Grey’s neutral tone pairs well with most colors, including olive green; but it also looks great on its own. For the best results when wearing this shade of gray, pair it with jeans or any kind of casual pants you have in your wardrobe

You can even try trying different textures like wool and cotton to see which option you like best.


Wearing white offers many benefits – not only does it feel clean and professional, but it also draws attention to you without overwhelming other details in your outfit.

This makes white a perfect pairing for olive green because even though both colors are equally noticeable, they don’t compete for attention because their tones are so different.

With olive green, white goes well with any style of pants you own; but if you’re looking to make the most of this combination, dress up your outfit by wearing it with dark brown shoes and a belt. With these two colors together, all you need is a simple shirt or blazer to complete the look.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, olive green goes well with many colors. While black may be the most versatile choice for pairing this color, purple and red are also excellent choices that will help you create a unique look in no time flat.

When pairing your olive green shirt or blazer with these three complementary colors, remember not to overdo it on accessories.

Instead, keep things simple and let the color combinations speak for themselves by wearing one or two high-quality accessories like sunglasses and a wristwatch.

Black is an easy way to add sophistication while purple and red add energy

Of course gray, white and brown make fantastic neutrals when paired with any of the aforementioned colors; but they also work great when mixed together or with other neutral shades.

No matter what combination of olive green you choose to wear, remember that the most important thing is not necessarily which colors you select but how confident and comfortable you feel when wearing them.

As long as it makes you look great, any choice will do!