Best Eye Shadow Colors for Blue Eyes

If you have blue eyes, you’re in luck – there are many eye shadow colors that will make your eyes pop.

Here are five of the best shades to try.

Browns and Grays

Everyone looks good in brown eyeshadow. Browns are the universal neutral color that goes with anything else, especially if you’re looking for something more subdued than black or navy blue.

Brown & Gray Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes
Create a smoky eye look with these matte charcoal and brown shades. The shadows are easy to apply and can be blended together for a custom look.

Earthy browns like khaki, forest green, dark chocolate brown, and grayed browns like slate gray work best on blue-eyed girls with cool skin tones (usually light to medium).

If your skin is on the warmer side (medium to dark), try out golden browns or mocha colors. You can also go metallic with silver or copper shadows for an eye-catching effect.

If you feel intimidated by colorful shadows but want something more interesting than plain old browns or blacks, navy blue is the perfect color.

Navy Blue Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes
With 5 matte shadows and 4 metallics in every shade of blue imaginable, it's the perfect palette for creating all your monochromatic looks.

It’s dark but brightens up your eyes and can look very chic against your skin tone.

Blue-eyed ladies with cool undertones should go for bright navy blues or turquoise shades. If you have warm skin, try navy blue with golden or pink hues for a more subtle effect that will contrast nicely with your warm complexion.

Violet and Lavender

Wearing lavender and violet shadows is another way to spice up your look if you’re tired of browns or blacks.

Lavender and Violet Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes
The mix of matte and violet shimmer shades makes it easy to customize your look, with its soft, blendable texture.

Lavenders and violets are similar colors but the former has a warmer undertone while the latter leans cooler.

Cold-toned blue eyes can pull off both shades, especially with silvery lavender or violet pearl shadows. Warm-toned blue eyes look great in pale lilac shades, while golden purple and grapey shades will look good on blue eyes with warm undertones.

Pink Tones

Blues all over the spectrum (from light baby blues to deep sapphire shades) are also flattering on people with blue eyes because they’ll make them pop even more.

Pink Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes
With its shimmering pink metallic finish, this eyeshadow will add depth and dimension to your lids while brightening up your overall appearance.

However, things get tricky when it comes to shades of purple like mauves and plums; they’re considered cool colors for eyes, but if you want to go for something more high-contrast, you’ll need to wear them with caution.

Mauve tones are lovely on blue eyes but shouldn’t be used by folks with very light or dark complexions because purple can come across as too harsh.

olive skin makeup

Plum shades might work better if you have a medium skin tone since it won’t appear so strong against fair or dark complexions.

Gold and Bronze Shadows

Since pale gold and bronze tones are both warm colors, they’re great for blue-eyed ladies with fair skin. If you have lighter eyes and medium to dark skin, neutral golds or coppers will be more flattering than pure metallic shades.

Gold and Bronze Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes
This ultra-velvety and silky gold eyeshadow contains a unique combination of softer powders that adhere easily to the eyes, giving a soft-focus effect.

Pinky golds and coppery browns look good on people with medium complexions, while silver and smoky grays should be reserved for those with darker skin.

You can also go for warm plums and berry shadows to create a nice contrast for your darker irises. If you’re looking for shimmery effects, stick with gold and silver instead of pastel colors toward the end of the spectrum such as beige and pink which can come across as too light on your eyes.

olive skin makeup

What color compliments blue eyes the most?

Blue eye shadow can add a touch of mystery to an ordinary appearance.

Eye shadows in shades of brown and black work well with blue eyes because they mimic the shade of your irises. If you want to be fancy, try wearing pink eye shadow – it is a great contrast for a pale complexion.

If you are looking for some bolder, more “noticeable” options, here are a few ideas.

  • Metallic
  • Light Blue

Metallic eye shadows typically offer the most pigmentation out of all the different types of eye shadow.

They also provide depth to any look because they reflect light. You may want to try one in a color that’s similar to your skin tone or go with something brighter for an edgier appearance.

For example, metallic silver is very popular but bronze and gold can work beautifully on blue eyes too. If you are looking for some fun options, try wearing light blue or baby blue along your lower lash line or on your lid at the center.

You can also wear navy blue or deep plum eye shadows during the fall season.

How do you make blue eyes stand out?

Enhancing your look is not difficult with blue eyes. The trick is to follow the color wheel and find colors that are opposite or complementary to your eye color.

Blue-eyed ladies with cool undertones should go for bright navy blues or turquoise shades. If you have warm skin, try navy blue with golden or pink hues for a pretty, fresh look.

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If you have a lighter complexion, you can wear lavender or violet eye shadows for a dramatic effect. Just keep in mind that warmer skin tones look better in pink and gold shades whereas cooler complexions should try out purple colors.

Blue-eyed ladies with dark complexions may want to wear earthy browns, plums, and other dark hues for a more natural appearance.

Of course, you can always experiment with different shades because there are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to eye shadow colors for blue eyes. If you think your blue eye shadow looks stunning against your skin tone, then wear it.

Also, wearing red or pink tones can make the whites of your eyes appear brighter which is great for evening out skin tones around the eye area.

Final Thoughts

Eye shadow is one of the easiest ways to enhance your blue eye color. If you don’t want to wear eye shadow, you should at least use eyeliner and mascara to bring out the color of your eyes

The best colors for blue-eyed ladies with warm skin tones are red, orange, pink, and gold. Cooler complexions should go for purple and lavender hues. However, you can always go for silver or gray shades if you want to tone down your look.

Every woman has different tastes when it comes to cosmetics so you should experiment until you find the look that suits your style best.