Ash vs Neutral Hair Color

When it comes to hair color, there are so many different hair colors to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you?

Some of the popular main options are – ash, neutral, and warm. So which one should you choose? And how do you know what color is right for you?

Today, we’re going to explore the difference between ash and neutral hair colors.

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What is an ash hair color?

Ash hair colors are typically cool in tone, ranging from lavender to silver. It can be created by mixing different tones together or sometimes with just one tone, which provides a very subtle change in color.

What is an ash hair color?

An example of an ash color would be if you took your blonde hair and turned it into a jewelry box pink. Or for another example, say you’re a brunette with deep brown eyes – having an ash color would result in lighter grayish or violet-y brown locks.

What is a neutral hair color?

Neutral hair color is sometimes considered to be the opposite of an ash hair color, with no warm or cool undertones

For example, if you took your blonde and turned it into a medium brown tone, this would be considered a neutral color because there are no visible warm/cool tones

What is a neutral hair color?

A classic black would also fall under the category of being neutral since it’s neither warm nor cool-toned.

How do they compare to each other – Ash vs neutral hair color

Ash colors are typically more noticeable than neutrals – despite them both being opposite ends on the spectrum from warmth to coolness.

This is due to their subtlety-there is less contrast between your natural base shade and the new changed color.

Specifically, ash colors will typically contrast with your natural hair tone more than neutrals do-so for instance, a blonde with cool undertones would look a little bit bluer in a full head of dyed ash brown hair than in an all neutral brown shade. An ash color can be overwhelming if it’s too noticeable!

Ash vs Neutral Hair Color

Neutrals are the most versatile when it comes to finding the right color for you because they so easily blend with your natural base

This is great news if you’re worried about looking washed out from dyeing your already light locks brighter since neutrals won’t have that same effect that ashes might.

However, though neutrals may not have that extra punch compared to an ash hair color, they can still be just as striking and noticeable if you put your mind to it.

When choosing either ash or neutral hair color, keep in mind that the lighter you go with your new shade, the more subtle it will appear.

But again – even subtle changes change up your entire hairstyle and can give off a completely different vibe than what you’re used to!

When should you use ash hair color?

If your hair is naturally dark and you want to add some cool tones, then an ash color will be for you.

If your hair is already fairly light or blonde and you just want to add in some highlight shades, then the ash shade works best because it won’t be as jarring of contrast with darker roots as a bright blue would be.

It is a perfect color for those who aren’t looking for a very drastic change but still want to freshen up their hairstyle.

When should you use neutral hair colors?

If you’re looking to go from blonde or light brown and don’t want there to be an obvious difference between your roots and ends, then neutrals are the right color for you.

It’s also great if you’re thinking about going brunette since it won’t contrast with darker roots as much as ash colors would.

Neutrals can provide a small change in tone, so it won’t look like such an extreme transformation- which is perfect if risk-taking isn’t something that comes naturally!

It’s easy to go overboard especially when it comes to hair color, so whether you pick an ash shade or a neutral shade, the goal is to get the look that you want without it feeling like too much of a change.

As you can see, both ash and neutral hair colors are great options for any look.

The choice ultimately comes down to what you’re looking for in terms of color – how noticeable you want your new shade to be; whether or not your hair is naturally light or dark, etc.

Final Thoughts

No matter what, it is important that you have fun with your new hair!

If you’re not happy with it because it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to, don’t be afraid to try again. If you have a beauty salon close by, then they can easily fix a bad dye job.

The key thing is knowing which color you want and working with your own natural coloring so it comes out looking fantastic. You can then make an informed decision to go with ash or neutral hair color.