What Color of Lipstick Should Olive Skin Tones Wear?

If you have olive skin, then you know that finding the right lipstick color can be a challenge. Not all colors look good on olive skin, but with the right tips and advice, you can find the perfect lipstick for you.

An olive complexion is a common, yet unique skin type that needs special care and considerations before making certain decisions like the color of lipstick to wear.

Different brands will always try to convince you that their products are the best fit for you. But, how do you sieve through to find that perfect fit to compliment and accentuate your natural shade?

The best way to start is by determining your undertone. This can be done by looking at the veins on your wrist – if they appear green, then you have a warm undertone. If they appear blue, then you have a cool undertone. Neutral undertones can be hard to determine, but if you can’t decide or they look somewhat green and blue, then it is likely that you have a neutral undertone.

Olive Skin Tone

The olive complexion may generally be described as having a light, tan, or moderate brown skin with olive or greenish undertones. People with this olive complexion are usually of Asian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, or Hispanic descent.

What Color of Lipstick Should Olive Skin Tones Wear?

This skin tone is the hardest to match with a lipstick color because there are so many variations of olive skin.

To fully analyze your skin tone, you also need to consider the hue beneath your skin which can either be warm or cool. Warm undertones may have yellowish or golden tones and cool undertones are usually blue or pinkish.

Once you have determined your undertone, you can start to look for lipstick colors that will complement it. If you have a warm undertone, then go for lipstick colors that have an orange, peach, or coral undertone. For cool undertones, stick to shades with pink, plum, or red undertones. If you have a neutral undertone, then you can choose from any of the colors above.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing lipstick color is that your skin tone may change with the seasons.

Choosing the Ideal Lipstick Shade

The perfect lipstick color will give any lady confidence and make her feel beautiful. The best way to find the ideal lipstick shade is to experiment with different colors and shades.

Today’s manufacturers make the task of picking a lipstick color easier by offering charts that show how different skin tones will look with their products. In addition to checking the charts, knowing the type of undertones you have will help you decide which lipstick shade will look best on you.

Keep in mind that lipstick colors also come in different finishes. Matte lipsticks are usually long-lasting, but they can be drying. Glossy lipsticks are very moisturizing but may not last as long. Creme lipsticks usually fall in the middle and are a good choice for everyday wear.

What Color of Lipstick Should Olive Skin Tones Wear?

When trying on different lipstick colors, always make sure to apply them in natural light. This will give you the truest color representation.

Examples of lipstick shades that look good on olive skin

Here are some shades that blend nicely with the olive complexion:

  • Berry shades

Berry and plum shades tend to look great on olive skin. They have a nice, deep color that accentuates the olive complexion. For something a bit more stunning, choose a shade with a hint of chocolate. Some women may find that claret and raspberry shades give them that extra zest they want.

  • Red shades

Of course, the list won’t be complete if we don’t mention red. Red shades of lipsticks look great on olive-skinned ladies. You can wear a shade with a tinge of orange or yellow. You may find something more crimson or oxblood for evening events.

  • Brown shades

In the brown line, ladies have options to choose from based on their preferences. Notes of caramel in the brown look great on olive skin especially a lighter complexion.

There are also cooler shades like taupe which will suit a darker olive shade. You can go even darker with a more chocolate-colored brown to make your skin pop.

  • Nude shades

If you want to go for a natural look, nude shades are always a good option. They are not too loud and they work well with any outfit. Ladies with olive skin tones will find that most shades of nude look great on them, but they may want to avoid shades that are too light.

It may prove difficult to find the perfect nude shade as they may appear too light or pink. A brownish nude color will work better on olive skin. You may want to avoid pinkish nude lipsticks.

  • Bright colors

Wearing brightly colored lipstick is certainly one of the greatest methods to make a statement. Olive skin tones look best when worn with vivid hues like orange, red, and yellow.

These colors will make the olive skin look amazing and make the eyes look brighter. Just be careful not to go overboard with the makeup.

Lipstick for olive skin tones is not limited to these shades only. You can always experiment with different colors and shades to see what works best for you. However, the colors mentioned above are a great starting point.

Final Thoughts

Everyone has certain color shades of lipsticks that look great on them and the same can be said for olive-skinned beauties.

The truth is that when it comes to lipstick shades, olive skin tones can almost rock any color.

You can experiment with different lipstick shades to see what looks best on you. Just make sure to apply them in natural light so you can get the truest color representation.

Knowing your skin undertones will also assist you in selecting the best color for you. With so many shades and colors to choose from, it can be a little daunting to find the right one.

So, have fun with it and experiment to see what works best for you.