Best Hair Color For Olive Skin And Brown Eyes

Finding the best hair color for olive skin and brown eyes can be tricky. That’s because there are so many different shades of olive and brown, it can be hard to know which color will look best on you.

But by understanding your features and what colors work well with them, you can find the perfect hair color for you. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Olive Skin?

Olive skin is considered to be one of the most beautiful types of skin, but it can be tough to find just the right hair color. That’s because olive skin has several different undertones that need to be balanced out for your best look.

Women with olive skin look great in many different hair colors, but some shades suit them better than others.

Brown Hair color for olive skin and brown eyes

Brown hair generally has a neutral tone that doesn’t lean to either warm or cool colors. Tones of brown hair color include auburn, chestnut, chocolate, and mahogany.

Best Hair Color For Olive Skin And Brown Eyes

Even though brown is a neutral color, it’s important to remember that the more natural your hair looks, the better it will work with olive skin. If you have any unnatural colors in your hair such as pink or blonde highlights, these will clash with the olive tones in your skin.

Natural brown hair color

Natural brown hair color is a great choice for olive skin, but brunettes with lighter skin need to be careful.

Lighter skin tones can look washed out when paired with very dark shades of brown. So if you’re concerned about the darkness of your features looking overwhelming on your skin, go for a shade of brown that isn’t too dark.

Black hair color for olive skin and brown eyes

If you have dark olive skin, it can be tough to know what colors will look best on you. Some people with very dark complexions look better with lighter hair colors while others need to go all-out with the darkest shades of black or jet black.

The safest bet if you’re feeling uncertain is to go with black hair color.

But keep in mind that jet black isn’t the best choice if you have very light brown eyes because it can be hard to see your iris color underneath so much darkness. If this sounds like you, try a darker shade of brown instead.

Best Hair Color For Olive Skin And Brown Eyes

With that said, jet black is a great choice if you have dark olive complexions that lean toward red undertones because the contrast between jet black and the red in your skin will be very strong and eye-catching.

It is also an ideal color for women who want to add drama to their look or who want to emphasize their eyes by drawing attention downward.

Light brown or medium brown hair color

If you have light olive skin tones with warmer undertones, light to medium shades of brown are the best choice. Medium brown hair is the safest option if you’re uncertain about which shade will look best on your skin tone.

Medium brown hair color always looks natural and pairs well with olive complexions, but it’s also a good base if you want to add in some highlights. The lighter brown shades will complement your olive skin tone while still looking natural and won’t compete with the darker tones in your skin.

Light brown hair color is a great choice for light olive complexions because it doesn’t have too much of an obvious red or yellow tone. If you have darker olive skin, try to avoid light shades of brown because it can wash out your complexion and make you look pale.

Too much light brown can also make your skin look ashy and gray if you have any red undertones in your skin.

Light to medium brown hair colors will definitely show off the warm tones in your skin, but it’s a good idea to pair it with other warmer shades like copper or gold for best results.

Red and Burgundy hair color

If you have darker olive skin and you’re looking for a hair color that will look natural and help you stand out, warm shades of red and burgundy are great choices.

Dark brown hair with hints of red looks amazing on women who have olive complexions with both cool and warm undertones.

Best Hair Color For Olive Skin And Brown Eyes

Some people think that this hair color combination makes their skin look washed out and ashy, but that’s not true at all. There are plenty of olive-skinned women who have red hair color with warm undertones that look absolutely stunning.

It can be tricky to find the right shade because burgundy hair colors are definitely bold choices, but the richness of the color is always worth it.

Light red hair color

If you want a more understated shade of red, light shades of auburn and strawberry blonde are good choices for olive skin. Again, the trick is to make sure that it doesn’t clash with your complexion too much.

In picking your hair color, remember that the tone of your skin is one factor you’ll have to consider.

Olive skin doesn’t always mean just a single under tone because people with darker complexions often have warm and cool undertones in their skin. That means you might find yourself leaning toward burgundy hair colors with cool undertones or red hair colors with warm undertones.

If you’re at a loss on which colors will look best, just pick the darkest shade that you think might work because it will always be flattering for olive skin.

Final Thoughts

Remember that the best hair color for olive skin is always one that looks natural and enhances your complexion without distracting from it. You want to maintain a healthy and vibrant look while showing off your unique features, not trying to hide them under unnatural-looking shades of brown or black.

If you’re still unsure about which shade will work best for you, just pick the darkest brown hair color that you think might work and go from there.

The beauty of hair dye is that it’s far less permanent than other cosmetic choices like makeup or clothing, so you can always experiment until you find something that looks great.