Best Eyeshadows for Olive Skin

Olive-skinned beauties have it good when it comes to eyeshadow. While there are a few colors to avoid, there are many shades that will make your green or brown eyes pop.

Read on for the best eyeshadows for olive skin.

When it comes to choosing the perfect eyeshadow shades for olive skin, you want to focus on earth tones like nude, taupe, and gold. These colors will enhance your natural eye color while complementing your skin tone.

Browns and greens also look great on olive complexions, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades.

best eyeshadows for olive skin

Just make sure to avoid any overly bright or stark colors, as they can clash with your complexion. With the right shadows in your beauty arsenal, you are sure to have the best eyeshadow for olive skin.

Before looking at the specific color shades that work with on olive skin, here are 3 of the best eyeshadow looks for olive skin you can try.

Look #1: Brown Eyes with Olive Skin

Women with green or brown eyes look great in earthy colors like taupes and golds. They should go for this Double Wear ensemble from Estee Lauder and match it with these telescopic shocking extensions.

This makeup look features a deep chocolate shade on the lid, which is set off by the lighter bronze shade along the socket line.

For this look, use your fingers to apply the deep shade across your entire eyelid. Work it into the crease as well (just above your eyelashes).

best eyeshadows for olive skin

To make sure that it doesn’t become too harsh, blend out the color until you have soft edges around your eye. Use an angled brush to smudge out the color slightly around the edge of your eyes, creating softness and diffusing any harsh lines.

For extra depth, use a matte shade along the socket line (right where your eyeball ends and your eyelashes start).

Use a shimmery bronze-gold color to highlight under the arch of your eyebrow and to accentuate the inner corner of your eyes.

Look #2: Green Eyes with Olive Skin

Women with green eyes like those on models Charlene Almario and Elise Crombez look great in earthy colors that bring out their eye color.

To achieve this look, you can match this Maybelline pencil with this soft matte brown eyeshadow palette.

For example, soft browns give their eyes an added intensity without overpowering them.

best eyeshadows for olive skin

Two examples of good brown tones for green eyes include “taupe” and “smoke.” However, other tones such as black or blackened brown may work better for some.

Look #3: Hazel Eyes with Olive Skin

Hazel-eyed women look great in earthy tones like brown, purple, and gray. These colors will help your eye color pop while complementing your skin tone.

While it might be tempting to go for trendy shades, such as blue or silver eyeshadow, you may want to avoid these colors if they don’t work with your particular skin tone.

best eyeshadows for olive skin

Instead of going bold on the lids, choose a soft pink blush (or a mink mauve option) and light nude lipstick (NYX do this affordable option)

For this look, apply a metallic taupe shadow across your entire eyelid. Then take a blending brush and blend out the color so that there are no harsh lines around the edge of your eyes

This will create a very soft and natural look that will highlight your eyes.

Below is a list of specific color shades that look great on olive complexions:


Nudes are always in style and they’re also some of the best shadow colors for olive skin tones. Try neutral shades like taupe, grey, or white to make your green eyes pop.


Browns will give you sultry bedroom eyes without making you look too overdone. Try shades of chocolate brown or caramel to get luscious lashes. If your hair contains red tones, try warm chestnut shades for an added punch of color.


Green shadows can be used to create mysterious cat eye looks that are perfect for dayor night. Greens also make brown eyes pop, so try them if you have hazel or brown eyes. Just avoid bright kelly greens and anything too close to your skin tone.


For a fun twist on the cat-eye look, try using blue or purple shadow in the outer corner of your eyes with a neutral base color (like beige) across your lid and down your crease.


Reds can be difficult for olive-skinned beauties: they can appear very vampy when used heavily but will add depth when blended into the crease.

best eyeshadows for olive skin

If you decide to go bold with red shadows, use an orange-toned red with browns and oranges for contrast. Otherwise, stick with warm berries and wine shades.

Blues & Greens

Greens, teals, and other jewel-toned shades are great for olive skin. Just avoid emerald or kelly green shadows because they can clash with your complexion. Try navy blue, sapphire, or deep forest greens instead.

As you can see, there are plenty of colors to choose from when it comes to eyeshadows for olive complexions.

Final Thoughts

Remember that quality is always more important than quantity!

Your best eyeshadow will be one that suits your eye color and complements your skin tone.

Luckily, most companies make eyeshadows in a wide array of hues so finding the right color should be an easy task.