How Long Does Mascara Last Unopened

Mascara is one of those makeup products that a lot of people take for granted. It’s something we use every day, but how many of us really know how to store it and how long it lasts?

Turns out, the life of your mascara can be extended significantly if you store it properly.

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t know the answer to either of those questions. How long does mascara last unopened?

The answer depends on the product you buy, but most major brands’ mascaras last around three to six months unopened.

If this is your first time buying mascara or it’s been a while since you bought some, consider buying two so that you’ll always have one ready for makeup application.

Once opened, most major brands of mascara expire after about three months — just enough time to use up an entire tube and toss it away.

Some people who apply their eyeliner and/or eyeshadow with a brush may be able to extend that application period by cleaning off excess product between each swipe. The key thing is that when in doubt, you should make a habit of checking the expiration date beneath the cap.

Does mascara actually expire?

However, even when stored correctly there are still things you want to look out for in your mascara product. Mascara can get clumpy if not stored properly so make sure the lid is on tight before putting it away.

Does mascara actually expire?

Hate to break it to you, but your favorite mascara has the longest shelf life when it comes to cosmetics. Mascara has an average lifespan of three to six months and should not be kept for longer.

Just like the rest of your makeup, keep in mind that mascara can get contaminated with germs and bacteria if exposed to air for extended periods of time. This might cause it to become clumpy or dry out quickly.

The sensible thing to do is to plan ahead when buying mascara. Check the expiration date and if possible, buy two mascaras so that you always have one on standby as you use the first one.

How do you know if mascara is expired?

If your mascara has become dry and clumpy, it’s time to toss it away. Mascara that has dried out will not be as effective because the formula breaks down and the wand cannot spread the product effectively over your lashes.

If you choose to use a mascara that has dried out or begun to separate, you risk getting mold spores on yourself – yuck! The best idea is to just throw it away and start fresh with a brand new tube rather than go for second-best.

As far as determining whether or not a mascara has gone bad by smell alone, don’t bother. You can’t rely on your sense of smell when it comes to expiration dates because you’ll likely be able to smell the alcohol in your mascara, but not any bacteria!

How long should you keep opened mascara?

If you’re buying brand-name mascara, make sure to check for an expiration date under the cap. Without an actual date, you can look up product information on the manufacturer’s website or call customer service to find out how long it should last.

How long should you keep opened mascara?

The best way to determine if your mascara has gone bad is by taking a look at its texture and color. If the color has changed or it has become very thick and clumpy, then toss it away as soon as possible because it could lead to eye infection if used again.

So how long should you keep opened mascara? Well, mascara has the shortest shelf life of all beauty products after opening.

If you are particular about being as safe as possible, then throw it away after three months. That’s how long most major brands of mascara will last before they dry out or start to separate into a dangerous bacteria cocktail.

Can I use 10 year old eyeshadow?

When it comes to keeping your makeup safe, eyeshadows are some of the trickiest products to care for! Not only do they contain oils that can break down over time, but many companies don’t include an expiry date on their packaging

That being said, there are usually clues that your product is past its prime. If your shadows appear greasy or have changed color, those are two sure signs that they may not be safe to use anymore.

How Long Does Mascara Last Unopened

Make-up, on the whole, is designed to be in regular use for between one month and 18 months years. Eyeshadow, in particular, does not usually expire for more than two to three years. However, when in doubt you should just go ahead and throw away your makeup. Better safe than sorry!

If you’re really attached to an eyeshadow that is starting to expire, then try to use it up as quickly as possible, or add a few drops of alcohol-based eye drops to the jar and mix well before using again.

Does unopened makeup expire?

No, if the product is kept closed then you will not need to worry about bacteria or other contaminants getting into your eyeshadow or lipstick.

However, that doesn’t mean that all cosmetics last indefinitely without going bad. Even if the product is unopened, preservatives in cosmetics degrade with time.

The average shelf life of a perfume is four years before it begins to lose strength and change scent. Likewise, lipsticks have a shelf life of just two years after being opened.

Just about every other kind of makeup that you can buy in a store will have a shelf life of at least two years, but some mascaras and lipsticks last just three months.

How long should I use my mascara?

How long you use your mascara will often depend on the type of mascara you are using. Some formulas will run out a lot faster than others but the general rule of thumb for most mascaras is three months from opening.

How long should I use my mascara?

You can help keep your mascara from drying out by twisting the brush as little as possible and storing it in a cool, dry place.

What happens if you use old mascara?

If you’re using old mascara then it is likely that your eyelashes will clump together and look very thick and heavy because the formula has dried out. It has also become much more likely to irritate your eyes.

When cosmetics get close to their sell-by date, they don’t merely degrade and clump begin to form. Eye makeup will also start to harbor germs and bacteria, especially if it is not properly stored. When you apply expired mascaras, eyeshadows, or eyeliners to your eyes, the germs can come into touch with your eyes, producing irritation and even potentially fatal infections.

Generally, you want to avoid any type of makeup after its expiration date since it could lead to an infection or other health issues such as a pink eye.

Should mascara be sealed?

A lot of brands are switching to click-type mechanisms on the lids of their mascaras that are meant to indicate that it has never been opened. However, even if you have not touched the lid with your fingers, there is still a chance that bacteria could get onto the wand during manufacturing or at the store before you bought it.

So if you are wondering if mascara should be sealed. The answer is yes. When you open a fresh mascara it should be checked before you use it and if there are any issues, such as a strange smell or odd color then the mascara should not be used.

It is important to remember that even if a product has been sealed by the manufacturer, some germs can still infiltrate through small holes in the packaging so always check your makeup right away for anything suspicious.

The best way to avoid any kind of contamination is to make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before putting on mascara and dispose of older products promptly. Also never share makeup with other people since this can cause harmful bacterial growth which can make its way into your eyes.

Final Thoughts

You should always check the expiry date stated on every makeup product that you buy. This advice applies to all cosmetics, not just mascara. Additionally, take note of any changes in color or consistency when comparing previously opened products with new ones.

If you notice a difference between a freshly opened mascara and a nearly empty one then it may be time to say goodbye to the older mascara because it could cause irritation or infection if used again.

It’s also important to remember that some mascaras have a shelf life of only three months after being opened while others can last up to 12 months after opening before starting to dry out. The shelf life of makeup varies between products and brands so always look at the label of your favorite cosmetics before you start using them.