Glamnetic Review (Using Magnetic Eyelashes)

Are you looking for a dramatic way to enhance your look? Glamnetic eyelashes may be just what you need! These falsies add instant volume and drama to your eyes, and they come in a variety of styles to suit your mood.

Glamnetic Review

Glamnetic magnetic eyelashes can give you a more dramatic appearance that will make you stand out from the crowd.

These lashes are easy to apply and last up to 60 wears. Plus, the included magnetic carrying case ensures your lashes stay safe and in good condition. Each set includes 4 lash anchors, so you won’t need to use any glue all day long.

You can place the lash anchors between your real lashes and get that desired look. The magnetic design gently pulls the eyelashes together to give you that bombshell look you’ve always wanted.

In order to apply the lashes, place one of your anchors on top of your eyelid near the lash line and hold for a few seconds. The magnets will attract your lash, so you can adjust it before it fully attaches to the lash line.

Glamnetic magnetic eyelashes
You'll love Glamnetic Magnetic Eyelashes because they're easy to put on and look natural.

Glamorous Magnetic Eyelashes are a fantastic option for individuals who don’t like wearing false lashes. The faux mink lashes are 12mm round length and come in a magnetic carrying case.

Applying magnetic lashes

Applying magnetic lashes is easy.

First, place one end of the lash on your eyelid as close to your lash line as possible. Hold it there for a few seconds and the magnet will attract the lash and keep it in place.

I usually use them 2-3 times before I switch them out but it really depends on how I feel at the time.

You can use any mascara with them but you have to make sure your lashes are clean of mascara before applying magnetic eyeliner on top of the lash line.

Glamnetic Review

If you feel like your lash is too heavy after it attaches, you can hold the lash up for a few seconds and let it go to make sure that they sit put.

I usually wear mine to work and they last me all day (8 am – 4 pm) without any problem. I think you could get away with wearing them for longer but because my eyes are so sensitive, at some point they start bothering me and I have to take them off.

How long does Glamnetic eyelashes last?

Most women report that their lashes last for about 60 wears, but it depends on how well you take care of them.

The carrying case that comes with the lashes prevents against damage from rolling around in your purse or from being smashed into a cosmetics bag. That will prolong the life of your lashes.

Is Moxielash or Glamnetic better?

Glamnetic is less noticeable due to the magnets being of a similar size as the band. The Moxielash has a more natural curve on the lashes compared to the more triangular shape of the Glamnetic.

Glamnetic magnetic eyelashes
You'll love Glamnetic Magnetic Eyelashes because they're easy to put on and look natural.

The Moxielash is more intense on wearing due to it having more lash volume (to compensate for the curve) which means it’s best suited to someone who wants a more intense curl.

The Moxielash custom fit has a thinner band which is more comfortable and flexible than the Glamnetic.

The Moxielash custom fit has a thinner band which is more comfortable and flexible than the Glamnetic.

Do magnetic eyelashes ruin your real lashes?

No, magnetic lashes will not harm your natural eyelashes and are considered quite safe, especially if you’re using magnetic eyeliner lash.

Glamnetic Review

However, when removing your magnetic lashes, do so gently and use a mascara or oil-based makeup remover to take them off.

Remember to always use an eye makeup remover that’s oil-based or gentle because if you don’t, it could damage your natural lashes.

Can I put mascara on Glamnetic lashes?

You can absolutely use your favorite mascara with your magnetic lashes. The magnets won’t interfere with your mascara and you’ll get the same results as ever.

However, if you’d like to apply magnetic eyeliner on top of your magnetic lashes, do not use any mascara on your eyelashes.

If you want to use mascara and gel or cream eyeliner, then take your lash off first before applying the eyeliner.

Glamnetic is safe and very easy to apply and you can use any mascara with them.

Glamnetic Review

What you’ll need:

  • Pack of Magnetic lashes, glue (if needed), eyelash curlers, scissors and tweezers
  • Lash applicator tool, eyelash curlers and cotton swabs

How to apply them:

  1. Start by measuring the lashes to your natural lashes
  2. Cut off any excess length
  3. Add glue along the lash line using a cotton swab
  4. Wait 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky
  5. Lay the lashes on top of your natural lashes starting from the inner corners.
  6. Press the lash onto your natural lashes, hold down for 10 seconds and repeat this step on the outer corners.

Final Thoughts

Glamorous Magnetic Eyelashes are a fantastic choice for people who don’t like wearing false lashes. Applying them is easy, they are safe to use, and look great.

Just be sure to use an oil-based eye makeup remover when removing your magnetic lashes so it won’t damage your natural lashes.

Glamnetic eyelashes come in a pack of 4 and can be considered a great deal considering they can be worn more than once before needing to buy new ones.

Lash extensions last two weeks tops on me, so I prefer using magnetic lashes where I can easily switch up my look with ease and not have to worry about spending $100 every couple of weeks on lash extensions.