Best Colors for Olive Skin

Olive skin tone is beautiful on its own, but it can be difficult to bring color to. Olive skin tone is a beautiful color that, unfortunately, lacks the same popularity as other tones such as pink or gold.

This can be attributed to how olive skin tone looks different on everyone and also because it’s often hard to figure out what colors work best for this particular shade. 

If you are tired of looking like an albino or if you want a little more definition in your look, there are some things that you can do.

Here are a few tips and tricks for bringing color to olive skin tone so that every day looks better than the last.

Avoid Orange Pigments

First of all, stay away from shades that have any orange pigment in them since they will clash with your complexion. Instead, go for reds and pinks which will accentuate you’re glowing.

Avoid Browns

Avoid browns at all costs since they’ll only make you look sallow. If you want a more natural look, opt for peaches and corals.

Brown colors are not ideal for people with olive skin tone. They can look dull and lifeless on them. Instead, opt for brighter colors with red/pink undertones.

If you prefer a more natural look then opt for corals or peaches instead of browns.

Wear Warm Colors

Blues will make you look fatigued so stay away from them too. You’ll want to go for warm colors instead which include reds, oranges, and yellow-greens. These shades will give your skin the fresh, healthy glow that it deserves. Golds are for Everyone

If you are thinking about wearing gold, make sure that the shades have more yellow in them rather than orange. That will ensure that they complement your skin tone much better. If it’s too loud, try wearing a lighter shade to avoid looking washed out.

Match Your Hair Color

Olive skin tones sometimes blend in with darker hair so you may want to consider wearing colors that match your hair color. This ensures that the focus is on your face and not your hair and it gives you a fresh and vibrant look.

What colors suit olive skin tone

Olive skin tones are tricky to match. This is because olive-toned skin has many different undertones that can be green, brown, yellow, or red based on the person’s ethnicity and genetics. What might work for one person may not work well for another due to these differences in undertones.


Everyone knows that red is a classic color for any time of year, but reds work best if you have darker hair so that the contrast is stronger. Deep reds, cranberry, or even geranium will give you a classy look that still pops.

If you have lighter hair then try corals or scarlet instead which provide the same level of color without having to use as much.


Light pinks are more flattering for olive skin tone than pastel pinks, especially if you are light-skinned.

Light pinks are also versatile since they can be worn day or night, depending on the shade that you choose.

If brighter pink isn’t your thing then try lavender which is a beautiful color to wear in the summer. It’s easy to make an outfit pop with this bright color and it looks so pretty.


Not many people can pull off the green, but those with olive skin tone do quite well with them since the undertones blend right in.

With olive-toned skin, you can wear emerald greens, sea blues, and grass greens. Almost all shades of green work well if you have olive skin, so try any of them that you like.


These can be tricky to wear however they are some shades that work well on olive skin tones. Try citrine yellow for a summer look or spring green if you want something a little different.

If these colors still don’t work for you then give a lighter shade a try. Just make sure that it has a hint of gold so it doesn’t look dull and lifeless on your skin, otherwise, you’ll lose the glow.