Above Eyebrow Tattoos (What Do You Need to Know?)

Eyebrows may seem like a minor part of your appearance, but they can make a big impact. A well-groomed set of brows can frame your face and make you look polished and put together.

Many people choose to express themselves more by getting an above eyebrow tattoo.

Let’s look at this new trend and some of the reasons you may want to think twice before getting one.

Does a tattoo above the eyebrow hurt?

An above eyebrow tattoo is from the typical cosmetic procedure eyebrow tattooing is frequently done. This is a cosmetic procedure that gives people the option to permanently reshape, darken or lighten their brows by applying tattoos.

An above eyebrow tattoo on the other hand is body art done right above the eyebrow.

Above Eyebrow Tattoos (What Do You Need to Know?)

It is a fairly new trend that has been around for a few years now and seems to be gaining traction. At this age, tattoos are more acceptable than they used to be. More people are getting them done, either because they want to express themselves or just simply getting one for the sake of art.

But before you jump on the bandwagon, there are some things you might be curious about when it comes to having an above eyebrow tattoo.

1) It doesn’t hurt much if done properly.

Tattoos in general can hurt depending on where it is placed. However, the tattoo machine used on the eyebrow area is really small and the needles are even smaller.

The needles used for these facial tattooing procedures are not the same as traditional needles used for body art.

These needles are extremely small and need to be dipped into the ink every few seconds.

The feeling is just as if you got a pinch from a needle. Sometimes it’s more painful, other times less depending on the person.

2) It can look really good or really bad.

Because this procedure used tiny needles and because of the placement of the tattoo itself, this type of permanent makeup looks very natural. However, it can end up looking fake or overdone when done by less skilled artists.

They may not use proper shading techniques which makes them stand out like an artificial drawn-on pencil line too close to the natural brow line.

3) It won’t be cheap.

If you are interested in getting one, expect to pay at least $500 – $800 dollars per session depending on the artist and how much work has to be done.

4) Expect slight scaring.

There may be some scabbing/peeling due to the skin healing process just like any other tattoos would do – that means you should avoid picking or scratch at it as much as possible during this time

It should heal pretty quickly though because it only takes about three days before you can usually wash it all off.

Can an above eyebrow tattoo be corrected

If you’re considering an eyebrow tattoo, be sure to factor in all the possible corrective measures that may be needed down the road. Many experts say that while most tattoos can be corrected, it’s always best to have a plan in place before going under the needle.

Above Eyebrow Tattoos (What Do You Need to Know?)

One issue that can occur is if the tattoo is placed too high on the eyebrow, making it difficult to correct. If you’re thinking about getting an eyebrow tattoo, be sure to consult with a professional first to avoid any potential problems.

So what are the things to keep in mind when making your decision? A tattoo is always a permanent thing, so make sure you really want it before doing it.

Above Eyebrow Tattoo Meaning for Celebrities

Many celebrities now choose to get face tattoos in the form of above eyebrow tattoos or tattoos on a cheekbone. Some others, however, opt to add simple black triangles above their eyes.

These tattoos look good when applied to the right person and in the right way. Celebrities like Post Malone, Lil Wayne, Kat von D, and Justin Bieber are just a few celebrities with above eyebrow tattoos.

Justin Bieber is now regularly spotted with one above his eye saying ‘grace’ (click here to see). It is rumored that he got the tattoo to honor his wife Hailey Bieber, who has the same tattoo in black ink.

Lil Wayne opted for a very simplistic design when he got an above eyebrow tattoo in black ink, while Post Malone’s tattoo (click here to see) is not much different from his regular tattoos.

Kat Von D also likes to get tattoos close to her eye (click here to see) but chooses this location for her sentimental meaning.

Final Thoughts

Above eyebrow tattoos are definitely not for everyone, but if you’re thinking about getting one you should definitely know what it involves before doing so.